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Kilmarnock Town Council adopts resolution of support

NNF Director Kathy Morse Clark, Mayor Shawn Donahue, and NNF Director Savannah Carabin pose for a photo with the Town of Kilmarnock’s adopted resolution in support of Save Northern Neck Ginger Ale
From left to right: NNF Director Kathy Morse Clarke, Mayor Shawn Donahue, NNF Director Savannah Carabin

Kilmarnock, VA -- The Kilmarnock Town Council, located in Lancaster County, VA, welcomed Northern Neck Foundation (NNF) Directors Savannah Carabin and Kathy Morse Clarke to their January 23rd meeting. Following a brief presentation of the organization’s Save Northern Neck Ginger Ale movement, the Council unanimously voted to adopt a formal resolution in support of recognizing the beloved beverage as a cultural icon.

Picture of the resolution adopted by the town of kilmarnock


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